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Be Healthier in 2011!

Even though there are a countless number of blog entries that are just related to Real Estate, I’m going to veer off into a different category today.  Yes, I have a life outside of Real Estate. I think it’s important to stay healthy in this world of fast food, the internet, and binge eating.  Technology has definitely sped up our lives and important news passes us by every second we are not on the internet or obsessing over our social media.  With this new lifestyle that we are all trying to accept and adapt to, comes increased stress levels.  Our bodies are constantly on the go and if you really take a step back for a moment, you’ll realize how chaotic your life has become.

Here are 5 easy ways for you to be healthier in 2011:

  1. Get more sleep- sleep is one of the best things you can do for your immune system, stress levels, and your morale.  The healthy amount of sleep is 7.5 hours/night.  I know you workaholics can’t get that, but try going to bed 30-60 minutes earlier than you normally would and see how much better you feel the next day.
  2. Drink more water- one of the easiest things to do is carry a water bottle or those new aluminum thermos’ around with you and drink water throughout the day. Try and stay away from those caffeinated beverages and daily happy hours you are attending.  Those 2 alcoholic drinks everyday add up.  Eight glasses(or 1 gallon) of water a day will keep you hydrated and you’ll notice the lbs starting to melt away.
  3. Focus on eating MORE fruits and vegetables- we tend to care about what not to eat rather than what we should be eating.  Eating more of something is much easier to get motivated for and getting full on fresh food doesn’t leave any room for the not-so-good stuff. A cheeseburger and french fries are convenient, but buying some tortillas, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and chicken breast are much healthier and last longer.
  4. Be more active- that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be at the gym 5 days a week for 2 hours.  Do some light stretching in the morning and after work just go on a casual walk to unwind. I know the winter months are cold, but that’s where the discipline comes in.  The bottom line here is to keep your body moving.  The longer you sit around without exercise, the sorer you will be after any physical activity.
  5. Do things that make you happy- lastly and most importantly is make time for yourself.  At the end of the day it really is all about YOU.  Staying happy allows you to spread your morale, which in turn makes people smile.  Make plans with friends and family each month.  It gives you something to look forward to.  If you’re overwhelmed with work or just trying to survive each day work in things that will make you happy or give yourself a break.  The challenges you face will seem more easily to overcome if you’re not constantly attacking them.  Your cortisol levels will also be reduced to enhance your health.