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Portfolio Realty is a premier real estate firm serving Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. The DC metro area real estate market demands high levels of skill, proficiency and knowledge. Whether you are eager to buy your first home, sell your nest egg, invest or relocate to the area, it is important to protect your investment by working with a local market expert.
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Home Selling Tips

You have always heard that you’re never suppose to judge a book by its cover right? Well that phrase doesn’t always pertain to realHome Selling Tips estate. When buyers are driving by your home, the first impression that they’re going to have is the curb appeal. Your home’s exterior is just as important as the interior of the home. You will want to keep your grass green and mowed. Trim any bushes to keep them uniform and plant some flowers to give the home some character. Make sure the door has a fresh coat of paint and create that warm feeling of welcome on your doorstep.

If you’re going to impress someone, you’re going to do it with the kitchen and bathrooms. You want these rooms to shine and feel as fresh as possible. Modern appliances and fixtures make all the difference.

Quick tips for showings

  • Keep counter tops cleared
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs
  • Open all drapes and window blinds
  • Get the pets out of the home
  • No dirty dishes in the sink
  • No laundry in the washer/dryer
  • Clean or replace dirty or worn carpets
  • Put on soft music
  • Strategically place air fresheners throughout the home
  • Make your home as bright as possible

A good way to think is to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Be honest and objective. Would you want to buy this home? Your answer should be, without a doubt, yes!