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Prepairing Your Home For Sale
Preparing Your Home

Preparing Your Home For Sale From our experience, a home that shines on the outside will appeal to more buyers, and in turn will sell faster for a higher price. Buyers will feel more comfortable paying that extra money for something that has been well maintained. It gives them the feeling that if the outside […]

Short Sale Hardships
Short Sale Hardships

The American Dream is quickly slipping through the fingers of many homeowners that purchased a home at the peak of the market.  Trying to refinance is becoming next to impossible and stress levels are through the roof.  Short sales have become a lot more popular in the past year as more homeowners are trying to […]

Unique Ways to Sell Your Home

With Today’s market being kind of slow for sellers, it’s going to take a little more than painting, cutting the grass, and trimming the hedges.  You want to make your home stand out and become memorable for those picky buyers out there. Don’t end up like all the other sellers out there and drop your […]

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Pricing Your Home

Pricing Your Home Sellers Guide

Determining the price of your home can be challenging without the guidance of a skilled Real Estate Agent or home appraisal. Several factors should always be reviewed and taken into account when deciding the value of your home in Northern Virginia or Washington DC. Here are some important ones to consider:   Recently Sold Comparable […]

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