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Portfolio Realty is a premier real estate firm serving Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. The DC metro area real estate market demands high levels of skill, proficiency and knowledge. Whether you are eager to buy your first home, sell your nest egg, invest or relocate to the area, it is important to protect your investment by working with a local market expert.
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Category: Buying

Process for Foreclosures Gets Longer

According to recent reports, banks and mortgage servicers are being more careful by dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s.  The foreclosure process can take up to 2 years now to foreclose on defaulting homeowners.  So those of you that think the foreclosures are going to slow down and the market is going to bounce […]

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Homeownership Tax Benefits

The question that always comes up at the settlement table or a few weeks after closing is, “What are the tax benefits that I get now for owning a home?” As much as I would like to help my clients out and provide top notch service, I am not a bona fide tax professional.  I […]

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Tips to Buying a Foreclosure

From my experience, the buyers I have dealt with along with listening to homeowners show that buying a foreclosure is still something that everyone needs to be educated on.  I have heard it all.  Buyers want to buy a foreclosure because they think they can get an incredible deal, but still want the home in […]

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Google Street View

Google has made searching for a home so easy that you don’t even have to leave your sofa.   About 92% of buyers start their home search online and it’s no mystery.  Now with all the technology available at your fingertips, why would you want to leave your sofa?  Well, you do have to get up […]

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Reasons to Buy in 2011

I don’t agree with people forecasting the right time to buy a home.  The right time to buy a home is different for every single person.  Unless you have an unlimited amount of money, you are the only one that can determine if it is the right time to buy.  However, there are always factors […]

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