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Underwater Mortgages

Underwater Mortgages Northern VirginiaAccording to a report by First American CoreLogic, more than 23% of people with mortgages owe more on their property than what they’re worth.  Another 2.3 million homeowners are within 5% of being underwater.  What does this mean?  It means that those homeowners will have to stay in their homes for a long time until the market bounces back.  Even then the amount these borrowers owe will not cancel out the home’s value.  It may sound like a lot of people are underwater, but the majority of these homeowners purchased within the past 5 years.

Underwater mortgages by states:

  1. Nevada: 65% of homeowners are underwater
  2. Arizona: 48%
  3. Florida: 45%
  4. Michigan: 37%
  5. California: 35 %

Those of you that are thinking about throwing in the towel should explore your options.  Talk to a Realtor® about entertaining a short sale.  If you have no other choice but to foreclose on your home, it may not be as bad as you think.  Credit agencies realize that foreclosures from 2004-2010 should be weighed differently than foreclosures from 1984-1990.  This kind of real estate market comes around once in a lifetime.  Although it is a big hit to your credit when you go to rent and buy a car, analysts are predicting it will not ruin you forever.