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Portfolio Realty is a premier real estate firm serving Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. The DC metro area real estate market demands high levels of skill, proficiency and knowledge. Whether you are eager to buy your first home, sell your nest egg, invest or relocate to the area, it is important to protect your investment by working with a local market expert.
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What to Consider Before Buying a Home

Consider ThisConsider this…

Everyone is unique and has their own opinion. You can’t tell someone what they like and don’t like. Each person’s wants, desires, hopes and dreams are different from the person next to you. Even your parents, friends, and your co-workers see things differently. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be picky. After all, it’s your money not theirs. Let’s take a look at some factors surrounding your home buying decision.

Location & Neighborhood

Suburbs or CountryPROS: These homes are typically going to be less expensive. For the most part they’re newer and you’re going to get more for your money.

CONS: You may want to invest in Satellite radio for the time you’re going to be stuck in traffic. Think about getting a hotel if you’re going to have a fun night on the town.

You will be a lot closer to your job. You can even walk to restaurants, theaters, and possibly schools. These homes typically have unique features.

CONS: Don’t expect to have a nice quiet Sunday afternoon. The crime rate may be higher and the homes more expensive.

Busy Streets
If you can live with the noise, these homes are typically cheaper. We’re talking about thousands of dollars here.

CONS: These homes are always going to be priced lower than any others on the market. Bedrooms that are next to the street may be a burden on the sleep.

Cul de sac
Buyers with children always love the cul de sac.CONS: You have less privacy and the neighbors will get to know you whether you like it or not.

Corner lots
The lots are typically bigger and you have more visibility.

CONS: There could be more traffic passing your home. More sidewalk to shovel in the winter.

Type of Home

Single Family
Good appreciation. Opportunity for gardens. More privacy. Quieter.

CONS: More expensive than our next category. More maintenance.

Condos, Townhomes, Cooperatives
Less expensive than comparable single-family homes. Generally newer so fewer repairs. Lock-n-go lifestyle. No yard or exterior maintenance.

CONS: Less privacy. Noisier. Common walls and/or floors and ceilings. Sometimes no private yard or balcony.

Number of Stories

Single Story
It’s easier for people who have bad knees. Wheelchair accessible.

CONS: Noise really can’t be secluded if a TV or stereo is on. Safety may be an issue if the area isn’t great. The living space takes up a lot of the lot.

More than One Story
There is more living space. Less noise since the bedrooms are on a different level than the living area. More living space on same foundation than a ranch home.

CONS: You’ll have to be in shape going up and down the stairs. The gas and electric bills may be high due to maintaining the same temperature throughout the home.

Split Levels
These are typically less expensive and the separation of the rooms helps with the noise levels. There is more square footage with the different levels.

CONS: It’s a hassle take everything up and down the stairs. The kitchens tend to be a little on the small side.

Interior Specifications

Number of Bedrooms
The typical amount of bedrooms requested is 3. People prefer to have the master bedroom on the main floor.

CONS: 2 bedrooms and fewer are primarily for first-time home buyers or singles. However, nothing is wrong with 2 bedrooms or fewer, it just suit people without big families.

Number of Bathrooms
Usually more than 1 bathroom is preferred but one bathroom homes are priced lower.

CONS: It can cost less to add a bathroom after you purchase the home.


Protects your nice luxury car. Don’t have to be in the rain or snow to get in your car.

CONS: They can be noisy if someone comes home late at night.

These can be hidden from visibility. They are also quieter.

CONS: You’re going to pay a pretty penny for these. Not ideal if you don’t like walking in the rain or snow.

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